September 1, 2014

Learning Library Inc., (LLI) and the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) Announce an Innovative Professional Development Program for Real Estate Professionals in Canada

This partnership includes access to the leading advanced real estate designation and certification content along with a research and resource-based Real Estate Applied Learning - REALWealthTM Program to deliver consistent and effective learning opportunities. The outcome is to increase access to and effectiveness of professional development. This designation destination at includes both online and classroom learning resources from the Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC), the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and Learning Library Inc (LLI).

“We are excited about this partnership because busy REALTORS® and Brokers in Canada need an accessible, quality product that allows them to increase their skills to better serve Canadian home-buyers and sellers”, says Maura McLaren, Executive Director and CEO, REIC. “We know quality education breeds success and professionalism and this model will provide clear guidance for REALTORS® to learn, grow and prosper”.

“The Real Estate Applied Learning Model (REALWealthTM Program) will tie advanced certifications and designations with a proven success path, as well as offering a new learning benefits program that will provide our network of learners with a return on investment and increased professionalism; significantly more advanced than other industry options” adds Lesley Lucas, Director of Education and Business Development at REIC.

Our REALWealthTM Network will receive:

  1. Access to the REALWealthTM Program Methodology. An exclusive, curated, research-based learning program uniquely designed to guide REALTORS® from current levels of professionalism to greater heights.
  2. Ongoing support via coaching, webinars, networking, top producer case studies, interviews, and hot topics.
  3. Exclusive core education at our Designation Destination!
  4. Ongoing financial savings that in turn lower the investment in professional development costs.
  5. Access to annual elite producer research, interviews, and best practices
  6. And coming soon:
    • “SCORE” - a “rewards” program that is linked to each individual’s education activity and upon reaching certain benchmarks participants receive automatic graduation to new levels where they are able to receive points, perks and special rewards.
    • The Definitive Business Building Catalogue. Key practice development content from our prominent industry education advisor team.

“Along with our partners, we have been delivering the best education for REALTORS® in North America for well over a decade and have learned through experience and research that professionalism in real estate is achievable by following a proven model.’ advises Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO, Learning Library Inc., ‘together with REIC and NAR, we are providing the best quality learning options in Canada through our unique applied learning model and resources. We encourage all real estate professionals to go to to register and start benefiting today!”

Contact info:
More information is available at Real Estate Learning Library,

REIC Contact
Pam Seran-Wallace
416-695-9000 x320

LLI Contact
Sabine Steinbrecher, CEO

Real Estate Learning Library Canada
NAR Contact
Heidi Henning, Managing Director